Add-on Gradient gemstones, Palette, Triple Smooth & Cut Pebble gemstone charm gold

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Make your piece truly yours by adding a gemstone of your choosing. Choose to add it to a new piece or to a piece that you already own.


  1. Choose the gemstone series you'd like your charm to be from.

  2. Choose ''Add to new piece'' if you'd like to add it to a piece in your cart.
    Choose ''Add to a piece I already have'' if you'd like to wear it on your own earrings or necklace. Please let us know if it's for a necklace so we can add a large  ring.

  3. If you chose a Triple Smooth or Cut Pebble, please leave us a note in the box in your cart with the name of the gemstone you want. You can find the options in the second and third photos.