Gold hoop earring with Cockle shell pendant

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Ready to make a statement? The Cockle shell pendant will help you steal the show. The pendant is made from an actual shell found on a Thai beach.

H O W  T O  O P E N  E A R R I N G
The last photo is to show how to open and close them - it is very important to open them sideways and not backwards. Tip: put them in from the back to the front so you can see in the mirror if it's closed properly.

E A R R I N G  O P T I O N S
Do you prefer earrings with a hinge like the sterling silver ones? We have 5 micron gold vermeil earrings available. Put it in a message if you would like one of those instead, the price is the same (the sizes are the same as the silver ones - please mention the size you'd like).

〰 Earrings cannot be returned for hygienic reasons
〰 Hoop is 14k gold filled, pendant is 5 micron gold vermeil
〰 Earring in the second and third photo is 12mm
〰 Production time is 1-3 business days
〰 Per piece or per pair
〰 Handmade