Story behind our summer collection

The 2020 summer collection Into the Deep tells the story of pieces of nature and the depths we all sometimes throw ourselves into. Inspired by natural shapes and colours, all pieces will take you to calm places for introspection and self reflection. Just as the reflection in the Mother of Pearl pendants, different sides of you will show your inner iridescence. The Coastal pendant is directly inspired by the shape of sand after the turn of the tides. Natural shapes can be free and geometric at the same time, which to me means that you can do anything within the safety of your own boundaries.

The phrase Into the Deep means a lot to me personally. Taking the risks to do the things you love and paving your own path. This year especially has been rough on all of us and I've had to tell myself to just face the abyss of uncertainty and keep going. In Dory's words, we need to ''just keep swimming'' and keep ourselves afloat. I hope I can give you a piece of my philosophy when you're wearing Koi d'Azur jewellery.